that1 W1S1 [ðæt] determiner, pron
[: Old English; Origin: thAt]
1.) plural those [ðəuz US ðouz]
used to refer to a person, thing, idea etc that has already been mentioned or is already known about
'You never cared about me.' 'That's not true.'
I wish you wouldn't say things like that.
What did you do with those sandwiches?
Victoria Street? That's where my sister lives.
Do you remember that nice Mr Hoskins who came to dinner?
I've got that pain in my back again.
He killed a man once and that's why he had to leave Ireland.
'We've been cheated,' she said. Those were her exact words.
'I have to go,' she said, and with that (=after saying that) she hung up the phone.
2.) [ðət]
used after a noun as a ↑relative pronoun like 'who', 'whom', or 'which' to introduce a ↑clause
There are lots of things that I need to buy before the trip.
the people that live next door
They've got a machine that prints names on badges.
the greatest boxer that ever lived
Who was it that said 'The Law's an Ass'?
The day that my father died, I was on holiday on Greece.
3.) plural those [ðəuz US ðouz]
formal used to refer to a particular person or thing of the general type that has just been mentioned
In my opinion, the finest wines are those from France.
that of
His own experience was different from that of his friends.
4.) those who
people who
There are those who disapprove of all forms of gambling.
Those who saw the performance thought it memorable.
5.) at that
used after adding a piece of information which emphasizes and increases what you have just said
You should be able to answer the question in a single sentence, and a short one at that.
6.) that is (to say)
used to give more exact information about something or to correct a statement
One solution would be to change the shape of the screen, that is, to make it wider.
Languages are taught by the direct method, that is to say, without using the student's own language.
I loved him - that is, I thought I did.
7.) spoken plural those
used to refer to a person or thing that is not near you
Is that my pen you've got there?
That's Eileen's house across the road.
Look at those men in that car. What on earth are they doing?
Our tomatoes never get as big as that.
8.) spoken that's life/men/politics etc (for you)
used to say that something is typical of a particular group of people, situation etc
I don't think I was fairly treated, but then that's life, isn't it?
We go out for a romantic meal and all he wants to do is talk about football. That's men for you.
9.) spoken that's it
a) used to say that something is completely finished or that a situation cannot be changed
That's it, then. There's nothing more we can do.
b) used to tell someone that they are doing something correctly
Slowly ... slowly. Yeah, that's it.
c) also that does it
used when you are angry about a situation and you do not want it to continue
That's it. I'm leaving.
10.) spoken that's that
used to emphasize that a situation or a decision cannot be changed
I refuse to go and that's that!
There's no money left, so that's that.
11.) spoken used when you are not sure who is answering the telephone
Hello, is that Joan Murphy?
12.) spoken and (all) that
BrE and similar things
I knew he was interested in computers and all that.
13.) spoken that's a good girl/that's a clever dog etc
used to praise a child or animal
that 2
that2 W1S1 [ðət] conj
1.) used after verbs, nouns, and adjectives to introduce a ↑clause which shows what someone says or thinks, or states a fact or reason
If she said that she'd come, she'll come.
I can't believe that he's only 17.
Are you sure that they live in Park Lane?
allegations that he is guilty of war crimes
The fact that he is your brother-in-law should not affect your decision.
He might have left the money for the simple reason that he didn't know it was there.
2.) used after a phrase with 'so' or 'such' to introduce a ↑clause that shows the result of something
I was so tired that I fell asleep.
The school was so badly damaged that it had to be pulled down.
We had been away for such a long time that I had forgotten her name.
3.) used to introduce a ↑clause that refers to a fact, when describing it
It's odd that I haven't heard of you.
That anyone should want to kill her was unthinkable.
The problem is that no-one knows what will happen.
4.) formal in order that something may happen or someone may do something
Give us strength that we may stand against them.
5.) literary used to express a wish for something to happen or be true, especially when this is not possible
Oh, that she were alive to see this!
so (that) atso2 (2)
that 3
that3 W2S1 [ðæt] adv [+ adjective/adverb]
1.) spoken used to say how big, how much etc, especially when you are showing the size, amount etc with your hands
It was quite a large fish - about that long.
He missed hitting the car in front by that much.
2.) [usually in negatives] spoken
as much as in the present situation or as much as has been stated
I'm sorry, I hadn't realized the situation was that bad.
No one expected it to cost that much.
The advanced exam is more difficult, but not many students progress that far.
3.) not (all) that long/many etc
spoken used to mean fairly short, only a few etc
Will's not that tall, considering he's 16.
The film wasn't all that good.
4.) BrE spoken informal used to emphasize how big, bad, much etc something is
I was that embarrassed I didn't know what to say.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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